The past week has been pretty significant as far as developmental milestones. Noah has been rolling from his back to his tummy for several weeks. A few days ago he started rolling from his tummy to his back. It’s not his favorite thing to do (he seems to prefer the other way), but he can do it. He is sitting up. This seemed to come out of nowhere! He has been sitting propped up for awhile. Thursday, I sat him between my legs and then just out of curiosity, moved my legs one he got steady, and he stayed. Today he sat on his own for a good 5-10 minutes before deciding to slide down to his tummy.

I have realized he is eating too often and not enough…more like snacking during the day than having full meals. So, I have cut back on feedings. He eats more at a time and less often and seems to be happy. As mentioned before, we have been working on sleeping and have kind of had some backsliding in the past week or two. Yesterday, I put him down for 3 naps, and he fell asleep on his own each time with little to no fussing! I have always fed him right before naps, and eating is always the last step in our bedtime routine. I haven’t fed him before naps in a couple of days, and he has been able to get to sleep on his own. Rather than feeding him immediately before putting him in bed at night, he eats, then we read a book and do some rocking and singing. He goes to sleep right away! I worried and worried about him not being able to sleep without nursing right before putting him down, and it really hasn’t affected him at all. Amazing what he is capable of! We are finally starting to get into a little better daily routine/schedule with set times for naps. I think it is much needed! And oh my goodness….he took almost a 2 hour nap today. This is amazing considering he never sleeps longer than an hour!


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