6 Months Old

Sweet Noah,

Today you are 6 months old. As your daddy and I were putting you to bed tonight, we read On the Night You Were Born, reminded you of your unique creation by reading Psalm 139, and listened to “Noah’s Song” by Watermark. Daddy talked about what was happening at different times on the night you were born.

I just cannot believe that you are already 6 months old. Sometimes, when I am holding and rocking you, you feel like a little boy, not a baby. I also cannot believe how much you have grown and changed in such a short time! (I will probably say this over and over again in your life, so just get used to it!) You are such a smart little guy. Dad and I are convinced you are a genius, of course. Our friend Sarah from church, who you think is just the funniest thing, always says that you have never been a “baby.” You were born so mature and as such a wise little man. She thinks you need to be running the nursery on your own!

You are a great roller. You like to roll from your back to your tummy. You can roll the other way, tummy to back, as well, but you seem to just prefer fussing to let us know you want us to help you get back to your back. You can push up really high when you are on your tummy. I’m convinced if you could just get those knees bent under you that you would take off crawling because you act like you are ready to go somewhere. You have been sitting up on you own for several weeks now. You rarely ever fall over, and when you do, it’s rather graceful and looks like you did it on purpose! You have also started clapping, and not just occasionally…you do it all the time. It’s precious. You clap every time a new person enters the room and talks to you. You had rice cereal for the first time a couple of days ago. You ate it like a pro…like you had been eating your whole life! I’m excited for the new foods you will try over the next few months.

I absolutely adore everything about you. These are a just a few of my favorites:

  • I just cannot get over how precious your clapping is. It makes me smile every time you do it, even if you clap a hundred times a day!
  • I love how you reach your arms up toward me when I put you in bed. I’m pretty sure you are just trying to grab onto my hair, but it makes me feel like you are saying, “Just one more hug, mommy!” 
  • You have the best smile in the world. You are starting to really laugh, which makes me laugh! You laugh and smile when you are tickled and when mommy and daddy make funny faces at you. 
  • Your talking is so entertaining. You just have so much to say. I love your squeals and screams. I cannot wait until it all turns into words and you can tell me what thoughts are going through that genius head of yours! 
  • I love how thoughtful you are. Sometimes you sit in silence as you carefully inspect toys, objects, or just your own fingers and toes. 
  • When you get really excited you kick your legs as hard and fast as you can and make the cutest little excited/serious face. Actually, I love all of your facial expressions. You have always been so expressive, even from the day you were born! 
  • When you are trying to go to sleep or waking up, you fuss and cry a little. Occasionally I hear a little “mama” in there. Today I heard a very clear “mama” when you were waking up from your morning nap. I’m pretty confident that you know you want “mama” when you wake up!
Friends and family go on and on about what a good little man you are, and they are so right! Today you went with me to an hour long meeting. You sat in my lap and looked at your book, played with your butterfly, and inspected the flower on my shoe. Oh, and clapped of course! You never made a peep. You are so precious, and every day I think about how I am so blessed to get to be your mama. 
I love you!
Oh, and have a mentioned that you love to smile for everyone, but seem to refuse to smile for a photo? What a silly boy! 


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