Errands in Guymon

When we first moved to Amarillo, Brian’s day off was Thursday. Grandma always told us we could come to Guymon on our day off to run our errands. That always made me laugh because I thought, what errands would we have to run in Guymon? I mean, where would we need to go there that we couldn’t go in Amarillo. Turns out…several places! In the past 6 months or so, I have decided to get my hair cut in Guymon. I wasn’t happy paying $50 + to get it cut in Amarillo, and I was skeptical about finding someone to cut it. Mom suggested that I come to Guymon to get it cut. My aunt’s best friend is a hair stylist in Guymon and cut my hair when I lived there and still does my mom’s hair. She charges $15 and does just as good of a job as the expensive people in Amarillo. So, I try to go to Guymon every 6 weeks or so to get my hair cut. Noah had his first haircut in February, and his little hair grows so fast he needs it cut about every 6 weeks as well. Now, I would probably just let anyone cut my hair if I was in desperate need of it, but I’m a little pickier for my boy. Not everyone is comfortable cutting hair for a wiggly 6 month old! It had been at least 6 weeks since his haircut, and he was definitely in need of another one.  We also try to take advantage of the nice people at Mathis Oil Company for our car care and oil change needs while we are in town. Thanks Grandma and Da! Finally, we’ve been looking for a “mommy car” for me. We realized when we made the trip to Tulsa to visit Brian’s family for Thanksgiving that it is not easy to cram all of our stuff for several days plus all the baby gear we need into a compact car. When I went to Guymon over spring break, I looked at a couple of used cars there, and Brian wanted to see them as well.

So, it was time run some errands in Guymon. It was decided on Tuesday or Wednesday that we would leave Thursday evening.  I vowed we weren’t going to leave town for several weeks while we were trying this whole schedule thing with Noah, but he wasn’t really following the schedule very well anyway and always seems to sleep fine at Grandma’s, so we went. After a hectic day on Thursday trying to get the house cleaned, laundry done, and pack for the weekend, Brian came home an hour or so early so we could get on the road when Noah was ready for a nap. He slept for an hour or so in the car, and Brian entertained him the rest of the trip while I drove. We made it in time to have dinner with the family before it was time to get Noah ready for bed. He was definitely the center of attention, as always, and kept everyone entertained with his talking and clapping.

We got our haircuts on Friday morning and decided to look at cars Friday afternoon. Long story short (I have a whole other post devoted to the car story because this one was getting way too long), we ended up leaving Guymon with a new vehicle. After looking at cars, we went back to Grandma’s so Noah could nap. He protested quite a bit. I think he was just having too much fun to go to sleep! Mom came over and we played through piano duets…one of my favorite things to do! 🙂 Friday evening I cleaned out my car. It was pretty sentimental…more on that later as well. We had dinner at Grandma’s and watched the OKC Thunder game that evening (Grandma and Da are the ultimate Thunder fans!). The next morning we officially purchased our first car, took Noah on a stroller ride around Grandma’s neighborhood, and played outside while we were waiting for them to change the oil on the new car as well as wash it. Thanks Da! We made it back to Amarillo in time to run one errand and stop by the house before going to a shower/fellowship for a couple from our small group Bible study. It was a little hectic getting there and stressed this momma out quite a bit (I won’t go into it, but just know it was bad…at one point I refused to go even), but the fellowship turned out wonderful. Lots of stress over nothing.

Funny how things turn out…we really do need to make trips to Guymon to run our errands! And I’ve discovered it is one of my favorite places to run errands!

Thunder Fan! 
Noah’s Second Haircut

He’s quite the little stylish rock star!

My favorite! 
Mom & I think he looks like Forrest Gump with his head tilted to the side!


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