Easter 2011

We had such a wonderful Easter this year. Emily, Katey, and Cody decided to come from Shawnee for the weekend. Mom & Dad also came to be a part of the festivities. Everyone arrived Friday afternoon. Before we did anything, we all had to try the cake pops Grandma sent with Mom. It was the first time she had made them, so we had to capture the moment…

Later, we headed to Malcolm’s for dinner. I think they have good food, and it was something different. It’s been in Amarillo for years. Mom (and maybe Dad too??) used to eat there when she was in college in Canyon. It’s “vintage-y” and decorated with old signs and posters. After dinner, we came home and got Noah ready for bed. Once he was in bed, Emily, Katey, Cody, & I went to Orange Leaf to get some fro yo for the fam. (yes, all three of those words needed to be abbreviated, just FYI). When we got back, we all watched The King’s Speech….such a great movie! Brian had to be at the church that evening for the Secret Church simulcast so he wasn’t able to join us for the fun. 
Saturday we ran some errands and hung out around the house. Mom and Dad left late Saturday afternoon because they had to be at their church on Sunday. Saturday evening, Emily, Katey, and I had a fun sisterly bonding time while decorating sugar cookies. 

Sunday after church we played with Noah a bit, had a Noah photo session, fixed (and ate) lunch together, and then the girls and Cody headed back to Shawnee.

Katey was our photographer for Noah’s 6 month old photos and Easter photos. Here are a few of my favorites:

There’s quite a few, but he’s just so precious! (and his Aunt Katey is a great photographer!!) 

It had been several months since the Roberts had all been together, and we had such a lovely time! 🙂


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