30 Days of Thankfulness – November 4th & 5th

I knew I wouldn’t be successful at posting every single day…and I just completely forgot last night until I was too tired to get up and do anything about it! I considered just taking Sundays off for the rest of the month, but then my OCD tendencies kicked in and I panicked about skipping dates in my post titles. That just wouldn’t do. So I am settling for two days in one post. The two go together well anyway!

I’m thankful for my parents and grandparents. I’m thankful that Noah has such wonderful grandparents and great-grandparents nearby.  I was in charge of a local music teacher association event on Saturday, and Brian was out of town. I needed a babysitter so my parents gladly took Noah to their house for the weekend. They considered watching him here but thought there might be some jealousy from the great-grandparents if they didn’t get to see him as well! He absolutely loves all the things he can get into at both of their houses, in Grandma (Gigi) and Da’s basement, and at the gas station. He has a blast exploring and playing with anything and everything he can get his hands on. Plus, he always gets to stay up a little later and eat more candy! (I know how it works…I remember staying with grandparents!!) I so appreciate them taking care of him, playing with him, and teaching him new things (like how to fill up tires with air and check tire pressure, how to say “yes,” and always encouraging him to sing new songs!)

This part is a little more serious…and I’m not going to write much because I don’t want to get too emotional and mushy and because I could probably write a book about it! But…I’m thankful that I have my mom here. For those who don’t know, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2007…the year of my college graduation and my wedding. I am thankful for this today in particular because she was here for doctors’ appointments today. I don’t know if she thinks about her treatments and time with cancer and the fact she is a survivor every single day. I really don’t think of it all that often anymore, even when I’m with her or talking to her on the phone. She’s just Mom! But, I am reminded of it when she comes for appointments, and I just think about how blessed I am (as are so many other people as well!) because she is a survivor. She is just an amazing woman of God, a wonderful mommy, a fantastic and inspring teaching colleague, and one of my very best friends.  I love you mom!!!


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