30 Days of Thankfulness – November 6th

I suppose I should write the obligatory “I’m proud to be an American” post since it is election day! I’m not really a patriotic person. (But I’m not un-patriotic…I don’t hate America or anything like that!) God placed me where I am for a reason, and I am thankful that we have all the freedoms we have. However, I’ve been to other countries, and there are also downsides to living in America…like just having too much stuff. But, this is a post about being thankful, not complaining!

I voted early last Friday. It was the last day of early voting in Texas, and I probably waited longer than what I would have if I went to vote at a non-busy time today. It was the first time I have actually voted at a polling place, and it just gave me a sense of pride. In past elections, I have always been away from home and have always voted by absentee ballott. I found it very interesting to watch all the different people who gathered to vote. It really is a neat thing. So many people of different walks of life all gathering together for the same thing…for a right that others have fought and given their lives for. There are rich and poor, old and young, parents and children…all coming to express their opinions, have a say, and hope their viewpoints beat out the others. We all aren’t right. In fact, no one has a right answer. No one can 100% know who the best choices will be, but I am thankful we get a little bit of input in the process! I am thankful we live in a country where we get to have a voice. And most of all, I’m thankful for God’s guidance and hand in the process. I pray today that His will be done, and that we will still remember, no matter the outcome (and even if it is a “Jesus Juke“), no matter who is president, Jesus is King!


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