My First Date

10 years ago today I went on my first “real” date. It was my freshman year of college. I wasn’t in a hurry to date or anything, but I just had the feeling (as I’m sure many OBU girls do…”ring by spring,” right??) that I would find my husband while I was in college.

We were both studying music. He was a sophomore, and I was a freshman. I knew who he was because of mutual friends and a small-ish music department, but we had not talked much mostly due to the fact that I was pretty reserved and didn’t really talk to boys I didn’t know! One day when I was practicing, he knocked on my practice room door. He came in and chatted for a bit and then asked me if I wanted to go with him to the “Music Movie Night” with him and then have coffee afterwards. (And little did I know that there was a friend or two and maybe even a professor (?) “cheering” him on and giving him thumbs up through the window on the door while we were talking). Of course I said yes…just thrilled that someone would want to go on a date with me…and of course it helped that he was a cute Glee Club boy (and I knew I was going to marry a Glee Club boy…more on that another time!). 

I actually don’t remember many details of the date. We watched the movie in a classroom in the music building. We sat awkwardly in desks next to each other. I don’t even remember what the movie was. I remember that his brother was there. He was visiting and was planning on seeing some friends over the weekend.  I noticed at one point he was bouncing/shaking his legs (hard to exactly describe…), and I thought it was funny because I do the same thing. We went to Bean and Berry coffee across the street from campus after the movie was over. He remembers he talked the whole coffee date and that I hardly said a word. I remember thinking how much in awe I was of this guy who loved his family so much that he was telling his date stories about his parents and grandparents buying cars. I absolutely love my family and love talking about them all…I was almost surprised to find a guy in college who was the same way!

I could tell you about our 2nd, 3rd, 4th dates and on and on, but that would make this post go on and on. (And my almost 3 year old declared about 15 minutes ago that he was “ready to wake up” after not even going to sleep, so I should finish!)

So…10 years ago today I went on my first date, and I am so thrilled that I still get the privilege of going on dates with that same guy today! I love you, Brian! 




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