Time Flies

I had always heard that “time flies” once you have kids, and unfortunately, I think that seems to be true! I was just thinking the other day that I cannot believe it was a year ago when we found out and announced we were having another baby. As mentioned here, before we officially knew we were expecting, I had a pretty strong gut feeling there was another baby on the way. So when I found out for sure on October 4, 2012, I immediately got out my “reveal” to share with Brian and Noah – a puzzle they had to put together with a poem on it. A friend shared her pregnancy news with her husband and son using the puzzle, and as soon as I saw it (and we weren’t even ready for another baby at the time!), I knew it was what I wanted to do. After lessons were over and Brian was home, I told the boys they needed to work on a puzzle on the fridge for me. They worked for a few minutes and created this: 


I am not sure how well Noah understood the news at that point, but Brian was thrilled to know that we were officially going to be a family of four! We were planning on waiting to tell family in person the following weekend when they all came to visit for Noah’s birthday but then decided we didn’t want to “steal his thunder” (well, and we were so excited we couldn’t wait to tell others!), so we called/facetimed family to tell them the news. We had Noah tell them he was going to be a big brother while wearing a “big brother” shirt (that of course we had ordered ahead of time because we knew there would be a baby coming soon!). They were all excited about our news, of course, and we felt like June couldn’t be here soon enough! 

Weekly, I have to remind myself to just stop and to take in the moment because time truly does fly. A year ago we had a teeny tiny poppy seed-sized baby and an almost 2 year old. Today we have a beautiful, happy 4 month old girl and an energetic, smart, and funny almost three year old little man! 




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