The “Thankful Tree”


Much to my avail, I have tried the past two years to do a “30 Days of Thanksgiving” post series and have not been successful. As little as I would like to admit it, I fear that I would have the same lack of success this year. Although I was never very consistent at it, I enjoyed doing it because it made me take the time to count my blessings. I was recently reminded in a Bible study that thankfulness causes us to focus on our blessings and as a result, be less anxious. I believe thanksgiving also results in joy. As Noah becomes more and more aware of things, I want him to view this time of year as a time to be thankful for all we have been blessed with.

So, I decided we would do a family “thankful” tree throughout the month of November. Of course, I decided this on November 1st. So, Noah and I went outside and trimmed some branches off of one of our backyard trees, pulled the leaves off, put them in a vase and made, as he calls it, our “family tree!” I used my wonderful cricut to cut out circles (didn’t have a leaf) from scrapbook paper. Each day, each of us writes something we are thankful for put on the tree. We also make sure to thank God for these things during our daily prayer times. The tree doesn’t look like much now but will hopefully continue to quickly fill up with our “leaves.” I had to prompt Noah a little on the first day by reminding him of things we had done that day, but so far, each day he has found his own thing to add to the thankful tree. I love hearing what he is (and the rest of us are!) thankful for on a daily basis! (And I can’t wait to add Kate’s thoughts after a couple of years!)

I would like to keep a “record” of our blessings, and I’m not one to keep lots of paper, so periodically, I will list them in a blog post so we can come back and look at them from time to time. 



Noah – the library & the books in it

Mom – Fridays off

Dad – days off with family



Noah – Nana, Pawpaw, & Mamaw

Mom – an extra hour of sleep

Dad – father/son time



Noah – my house

Mom – opportunity to serve Him with my talents through praise band (and for the talents!) 

Dad – having fun at bath time with Noah & Kate



Noah – my train table

Mom – the privilege of watching my baby grow into a little boy

Dad – safe travels to Kentucky



Noah – Mimi

Mom – technology, especially FaceTime

Dad – (haven’t heard from him yet today! will update later!) 




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