A Full Thank”full” Tree


What a blessing it has been for us to take the time to list a specific thing each day we are thankful for! Noah was excited to choose something each day to put on the thankful tree (or the “family tree” as he sometimes called it!) and then to pray and thank God for those things each night. I anticipated hearing what Noah chose each day! Even a few days out of November after our thankful tree has been replaced with Christmas trees, he still asks me, “what are you thankful for today, mom?”



Mom – Fridays Off!

Dad – Days off with family!

Noah – Library and the books in it



Mom – An extra hour of sleep

Dad – Father/Son Time 

Noah – Nana, Pawpaw, and Mamaw



Mom – Opportunity to serve Him with my talents through praise band (and for the talents and gift of music!) 

Dad – Having fun at bath time with Noah & Kate

Noah – My house



Mom – Privilege of watching my baby grow into a little boy

Noah – My train table



Mom – Technology, especially FaceTime!

Dad – Learning

Noah – Mimi & Bop



Mom – Helpful friends and strangers

Dad – Being able to worship God through music

Noah – My Bible



Mom – BSF

Dad – Getting to see Steven Curtis Chapman

Noah – Bible (aka BSF)



Mom – Healthy 5 month old baby girl

Dad – A surprise visit with Mom, Dad, & Mamaw

Noah – Emily & Cody



Mom – A great relationship with my sisters and parents

Dad – Getting to see family

Noah – My bed



Mom – All of us back at home together

Dad – Sabbath

Noah – My room and my toys and my bath



Mom – My patient and helpful “tech support” (aka Brian)

Dad – Food to eat

Noah – Tow Mater picture drawn by Miss Kathryn



Mom – Teaching Noah about God and having spiritual conversations (even at bath time!)

Dad – My silly boy

Noah – My bookshelf and my books



Mom – Precious, sweet easy going baby girl

Dad – Noah’s singing

Noah – My baby (sister)



Mom – Praise band practice – fellowship with friends and time to do one of my favorite things!

Dad – Prayer

Noah – My pretend car (cozy coupe)



Mom – Movie nights

Dad – My guitar

Noah – Book and the kitchen cabinet with snacks



Mom – Having enough to give to others

Dad – Reading books with Noah

Noah – My firetruck and my school bus



Mom – Seeing friends we haven’t seen in awhile and a good time at family photos

Dad – Noah

Noah – My legos



Mom – Sweet snuggles with a precious baby girl

Dad – Friends at work

Noah – My best buddy Will



Mom – My parents and grandparents (and getting to talk to them!)

Dad – Time with friends

Noah – My books from Mimi



Mom – Time off of work (Thanksgiving Break!) 

Dad – Having dinner together

Noah – Da & Gigi



Mom – Time spend with good friends 

Dad – My jacket (brrr!) 

Noah – Mommy and my bed



Mom – Sweatpants and time at home! 

Dad – Playing with Noah

Noah – My lamp and my kleenex box



Mom – Snow

Noah – Reading books with Mommy



Mom – Brian/Daddy (Happy Birthday!)

Noah – Putting up my Christmas tree with Daddy



Mom – A FABULOUS car ride with 2 kids!

Noah – My “Dusty” and “Chug” 



Mom – Cousins (mine & Noah’s) 

Noah – Mommy, Daddy, and Sister



Mom – Having a good relationship with Brian’s family

Noah – My cousin Emma



Mom – My relationship with God

Noah – Thanksgiving with my family 



Mom – Wonderful day with family at Sea World

Noah – Brad and Kelly’s house and a trip to San Antonio



Mom – Watching my grandparents (and parents!) interact with my kids!

Noah – Visiting Grandma Dorothy and Papa Brady





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